• enables long-term production of clean electricity.
  • is the strongest industry in terms of growth and future potential.
  • is available without restrictions on all continents.
  • is an employment engine and creates jobs.
  • is indispensable for effective climate protection.
  • makes us independent of crisis regions and secures peace.

"Photovoltaics is stable energy for the future."
Gerald Wirtl - CEO


Environment Analysis

The starting point of any success story is knowing your current position in the environment.

Development Planning

After completing the environmental analysis the next stage is to design and plan your development.

Execution & Managing

In this phase you will focus on executing and managing the project such as evaluating the results.


Some examples of our reports in the press.


AEP Energy: Intelligentes Wasserstoff-Batteriesystem aus Oberösterreich als Game-Changer


Intelligentes Wasserstoff-Batteriesystem als Game-Changer für die Energiewende


Wasserstoff für die Privathaushalte

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Our Team

We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team.


Gerald Wirtl

General Manager